This is a site for my consultancy that specializes in UX, Information Architecture, and IT Project Management. I have worked on the forefront of digital technology over the last 15+ years creating solutions and prototypes for digital content systems, social networks, and mobile. My domain concentrations are digital content, social networks and mobile I have worked with both B2B and B2C audiences and have managed projects for Aon plc, Comcast, MSN, AOL, Scholastic, and PBS among others.

I believe that structurally it’s all storytelling or revealing information in a strategic timeframe, and that metrics and analytics dictate the effectiveness of that story.

Innovative Firsts: I worked with Newline Features on their first internet trailers (1998), helped create a neighborhood wireless network in 1999, developed the first physicians’ channel for AOL(2000), created and architected the first internet portal for all of Comcast’s Ad Sales (2004) and project managed the first US National public facing microsite system for Aon plc (2014).

– John Culhane