Environmental Projects

I’ve been increasingly interested and involved in projects that concern the environment and the use of technology with those efforts.

The NY State Children’s Environmental Health Centers have a profound role in the post Flint Michigan water crisis. It’s proven to be an interesting balance between preventative medicine, community based partnerships on the ground, local government, and a microsite network.

This is a workflow content strategy for both the network and distribution to social media.

And the result of a story on Twitter and Facebook.


The first version of the Serfgreen project focused more on energy conservation and certifications similar to a LEED program. (Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design)

Adaptive Networks and Microsites

I have worked extensively on large microsite systems for Comcast, Aon plc and most recently, the NY State Children’s Environmental Health Centers. In most cases I functioned as a Senior Project Manager, Information Architect, UX Design, and Specification Writing.

Developing these type of systems is challenging architecturally because the success of the network depends upon the sites or nodes sharing assets and knowledge. It is all about collaboration and content development can be exponential.  The information can flow in two directions, one from the a node down to all the cities in the network, or up from a local node and across if the information is network wide. It is always fascinating when nodes can finally see other nodes and use ideas and concepts to increase the strength of the whole network.

The number of perspectives from the customers to the administrators makes it very complex and there needs to be considerable research and preproduction before creating the code or building out a Content Management System.

Internal and External communications also become very important for these ever changing systems. Communication tools and Social Accounts sit on top of the network once it’s established. In most cases there is also a necessary training component to teach local admins how to customize the system for their area.

In the case of NYSCECH we created a network of seven children’s hospitals with environmental centers across NY State. One important component was to have the user be able to find their local center by the 62 counties. This project is still in development.

Aon Plc Examples…

Some Comcast Spotlight Version 1 Examples…