Experimental Media + Ancient History

The following are test projects or prototypes created in the last few years. Much of the video was edited in Final Cut. These are some of my favorites as far as collaboration.This augmented reality test was done in Unity and uses Vuforia. The test was created for a possible puzzle challenge for cyclopedia.us where users would find the model via an icon or GPS. This was captured off of a customized android app.


This was for a Kickstarter campaign for artist Scott Teplin and a massive drawing he created called Big Hospital.
We produced this in an afternoon and simulated an ambulance with what was available in his living room. The editing was tricky but the result completely ridiculous.


Hidden Alignments was a foray into short historical documentaries with a Google Earth component. It explains the the history in brief of New York’s Masonic Obelisks and how they are oddly aligned.


This promotional for Vitumob was created for the launch of the service that ships western products to Kenya securely. I created the quick animations to illustrate the process.


glasscapsule is a massive archive of multi-media collaborations over decades. The experiments continue there.

spillway is a customized framework based on a semi famous found photo archive. Levels feature different sets of randomized draggable elements. It is essentially a visual and sound mixer. It was all created in php/mysql and works in HTML5 for mobile. I am also working on a score system which is based on activity and the user session.


These are some videos from ancient history.

The first is an experimental multi-cam video which documented the first opening of Gigantic Art Space (GAS) in downtown Manhattan. It was originally created on DVD where you could switch channels but here they are side by side. The opening featured artists from Detroit including Andrew Dosunmu, Mark Dancey, Tyree Guyton and others.


Sunshine Interactive Network was a startup which created game prototypes, CD Roms and early websites. This is the reel from about 1997 which I cut while working there. It’s a fascinating snapshot of the time. The name of the company was based on the Sunshine Theater on Houston Street, which was then going to be a  music venue.


J. F. Culhane – Information Architect – Project Management – UX – Prototype Development

This is a site for my consultancy that specializes in UX, Information Architecture, Strategy and IT Project Management. I have worked on the forefront of digital technology over the last 15+ years creating solutions and prototypes for digital content systems, social networks, and mobile. My domain concentrations are prototyping, digital content, and community development. I have worked with both B2B and B2C audiences and have managed projects for Aon plc, Comcast, MSN, AOL, Scholastic, and PBS among others. I have also developed non profit and community based projects that operate on a limited budget, which I find to be challenging but very rewarding.
I have worked extensively on large microsite systems for Comcast, Aon plc and most recently, the NY State Children's Environmental
These are examples of a few production strategies that had to be invented on the fly for the development and
I've been increasingly interested and involved in projects that concern the environment and the use of technology with those efforts.
These are a few projects that involve hyperlocal community based projects and non-profit programs. BlissvilleStories.org supports a documentary project about
These are examples of various unique sites and prototypes from a financial blog and archive, a travel hub,  a wireless
The following are test projects or prototypes created in the last few years. Much of the video was edited in